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The contractual basis of reservations

General Terms & Conditions

1. Scope - Hotel World Online

a) These terms and conditions apply to bookings via the worldwide HRS hotel reservation system ("HRS System"). A maximum of nine rooms may be booked online. Reservations of more than nine rooms must be made via the HRS group department whose confirmation of reservation is binding. Splitting a requirement for more than nine rooms into several bookings each of a maximum of nine rooms is not permitted. There are special enquiry modules available to you for special room requirements at trade fairs and for meetings, events and group bookings (10 rooms or more).

b) You will be shown the cheapest available HRS price in the HRS System for your booking enquiry and your length of stay. In the case of requests over several days, the average price of the cheapest per day price will be shown. In the detailed view for the individual hotel, the individual per day prices will be itemised and you will be shown other available price categories.

If your selected or input currency is different to the currency required by the hotel, the prices in the hit list will be shown in your currency for your information. The binding offer for the hotel you have selected shows the valid room price in the hotel's billing currency. For your information, the price may also be displayed in other currencies. The hotel's currency stated in the price conditions is binding for the booking, so there may be exchange rate differences.

2. Contractual relationship with HRS

a) HRS gives you the opportunity to book third party services via the HRS System. HRS is not responsible for offering travel services. When you book, only an agency agreement is concluded between you and HRS to which the provisions of Sections 651a et seq. of the German Civil Code (BGB) do not apply. The agency agreement is independent of any separate agreements between you and the hotel.

b) As a service within the agency agreement, HRS is entitled to fulfil your requirements of the hotel itself in order to enable a speedy settlement without recognising a legal obligation in the case of breach of duty on the part of the hotel (such as unjustifiable cancellation costs or relocation costs). In this case, you automatically assign your claims in this regard against the hotel to HRS. HRS will then take care of the settlement with the hotel.

3. Booking

a) Each reservation will be passed on to the booked hotel via HRS as an intermediary function on your behalf. For the smooth handling of your booking, we therefore require that the data provided by you (e.g. dates of stay, contact details) are correct and complete.

b) Procurement through HRS is free of charge to you. Resale of rooms booked through HRS is prohibited. This especially includes reselling room allocations to third parties at higher prices than the HRS prices. In the event of violation of this provision, HRS reserves the right to bar customers from using HRS services in future. Furthermore, in such cases the hotel is entitled to cancel the booking and you may also be informed of this by HRS. In addition, you are obliged to pay cancellation charges and to make good any damage caused to HRS and/or the hotel.

4. Contract and payment

a) The contract for the particular service is concluded immediately the reservation is made between you and the hotel you have booked. The room price confirmed by HRS in the booking is paid by you to the hotel. All claims and obligations arising from the accommodation contract, in particular any claims and obligations from Sections 651a et seq. of the BGB, exist solely and directly between you and the hotel you have booked.

b) The room reservation is made when you book and is valid without a reservation confirmation. The reservation overview appears immediately on the screen and will be sent to you by email and, if required, also by SMS as summary information. However, due to technological uncertainties, HRS cannot guarantee or check receipt of the confirmation sent by email or SMS. This does not affect the effectiveness of the booking, especially if you have input the wrong email address and/or phone number.

c) Special room rates may be shown during the booking process (e.g. HRS Hot Deals) which require complete or partial prepayment. In these cases, you can see the precise terms before you finally confirm the booking. However, in this case a booking is only possible using a credit card which is also charged immediately by the hotel you have booked. In the case of such bookings, you declare your agreement that the pro rata amount or total amount for the booking shown on the booking screen can immediately be charged to your credit card.

5. Type of reservation

a) Standard reservations are kept by the hotel until 6pm local time. If you do not arrive by 6 pm local time, your reservation will be cancelled by the hotel at no charge to you. After this point in time there is no requirement for the hotel to accommodate you. If you are only able to arrive after 6 pm local time, you must inform the hotel directly of your expected arrival time and confirm that the hotel has received this information. In this case, the hotel may ask you to provide a credit card number as a guarantee of arrival as a condition of holding the room for you.

b) However, guaranteed reservations will also be held for you after 6 pm local time (until the hotel reception closes). In most cases you are required to provide valid credit card details to guarantee a reservation.

c) For package services and prices which are linked to special terms, the hotel's individual cancellation terms apply; third party services included in the package (e.g. admission tickets, musical tickets, etc.) can no longer be cancelled free of charge.

6. Providing a credit card when booking

In the case of guaranteed bookings (e.g. arrival after 6 pm), special rates (e.g. Hot Deals and trade fair rates) and special services (e.g. package rates, special room categories and catering services) you must provide a valid credit card which can be charged as a condition of the booking. The credit card acts as security for the hotel and, therefore, the hotel may charge to it any cancellation costs or compensation. If the credit card data prove not be correct when they are checked, or the card cannot be charged, the hotel may require the booking to be cancelled via HRS.

7. Changes and cancellations

a) In order to avoid misunderstandings, all changes and cancellations should always be made via the HRS System. Timely receipt of the communication by HRS is essential if the change or cancellation is to be made in time.

Cancellations within the time limit can only be made effectively via the "Changes and Cancellations" tab on the HRS website itself, or via our 24/7 phone line +49 221 2077 600 (further service numbers can be found under Customer Service Centre ), or in writing by email up to 24 hours before the end of the cancellation period to or or by fax to +49 221 2077 666.

b) In the event of cancellation, a cancellation number will be issued. This provides proof of cancellation and therefore it is imperative that you keep it.

c) It is generally possible to make changes before the end of the cancellation period free of charge. In the case of specific changes, e.g. reducing the length of stay, the hotel may claim for any damage that may have arisen.

d) Please check the relevant cancellation and booking terms for your booking to find out whether a cancellation is still free of charge. You can generally cancel free of charge within the cancellation period. However, in the case of special prices, services and/or dates, and in the case of very short-term bookings, hotels frequently do not allow free cancellation.

e) In order to prevent misuse of the free reservation system and not overload the hotels unnecessarily with erroneous bookings, HRS reserves the right to cancel individual reservations if it is not possible for HRS to obtain a reply from the contact details you have provided, or the hotel refuses the booking due to frequent cancellations or non-arrivals in the past. There is no requirement to provide you with accommodation in such cases. In order to avoid cancellations of this kind, you can make a guaranteed booking by providing your credit card number.

f) If you fail to provide a credit card number or provide an erroneous one, please see the consequences under Point 6 of these terms and conditions.

g) In the event of cancellation after the end of the cancellation period, your communication will be passed on to the hotel by HRS. It depends on the relevant bookings conditions as to whether there are any cancellation costs.

8. Hotel categories and hotel information

The normal international star-based hotel classification system gives a non-binding indication of the standard of the hotel. The hotel classification system used by HRS is based on a self-assessment of the hotels which is also checked by HRS, if required, in accordance with its in-house assessment system and on the basis of the collective experience of HRS and its customers. All other hotel information and descriptions are provided by the hotels themselves.

9. Room prices

a) Unless otherwise stated in the booking conditions, all prices are per room and per night and, depending on the booking conditions, either include or exclude breakfast (this can also vary across a booking period of several days).

b) The hotel guarantees the booked room prices for each reservation. The HRS price guarantee applies to the prices offered by the hotels. Further details can be found at the following link: Validity terms for the HRS price guarantee.

c) The hotels marked with "exclusive price" have decided always to offer their services on HRS at prices that are 10% cheaper than on other web reservation portals with identical booking conditions. However, if they do not meet this condition you will be refunded at least EUR 20 per room/night on departure. If the price difference between the room rate shown on the HRS website and another provider is greater than EUR 20 per room/night, the hotel will refund you this difference.

Further details and the application form can be found at the following link: Conditions for exclusive price

d) Because the hotels are able to update their prices on an ongoing basis in our system, this may occasionally mean that the prices on the hotel details page may vary from the prices previously shown in the hotels list.

10. Data protection

HRS collects, processes, and uses your personal data ("data") only if you have given your consent for this or a legal provision permits the collection, processing, or use of your data. HRS collects, processes, and uses your data only if they are required for the purposes of providing its services, using and operating the HRS websites, and/or the services offered on the HRS websites. Your data will not be passed on to third parties. Your data will only be transferred to third parties to the extent that it is required in each situation for performing HRS's services (e.g. as part of booking/reserving/paying for/invoicing the hotel you select). Your data will never be sold or rented by HRS to third parties. If HRS has been provided with your email address as part of the booking, HRS will use this under the conditions of Section 7 Para 3 of the German Unfair Competition Act (UWG) for the purposes of the electronic promotion of its own similar services that correspond to your interests. You may opt out of receiving electronic promotional material at any time simply by emailing . In addition, HRS reserves the right to create usage profiles using pseudonyms within the meaning of Section 15 Para. 3 of the German Telemedia Act (TMG) for the purposes of promotion, market research and the demand-driven design of the HRS websites. You may opt out of the creation of such usage profiles at any time simply by emailing . More details can be found in the HRS Data Privacy Statement.

11. Customer evaluations

You can grade the hotel after departure. For this purpose, you will receive an automatically generated email with an evaluation link after your stay. You can provide your evaluation of the hotel via this link. By agreeing, you declare that all information provided may be published anonymously – or personalised, if desired – by HRS. On its part, the hotel may publish a comment as a reaction to your evaluation. The wording of evaluations will undergo an editorial check by HRS and may be shortened. No spell-check will be made, nor will material changes be made to the statement. Therefore please try to keep your evaluation as objective as possible. Subjective, offensive or infringing comments are not permitted. HRS reserves the right not to publish evaluations and to delete evaluations without providing a reason.

12. Miscellaneous

Transfer of data into other storage media, including extracts, or its use for purposes other than those scheduled here, is only permitted with the express approval of HOTEL RESERVATION SERVICE Robert Ragge GmbH, Cologne, Germany.

German law applies. The place of performance is Cologne. The place of jurisdiction is agreed as Cologne in respect of business persons or individuals who have no place of jurisdiction in Germany. Otherwise the legal place of jurisdiction applies.

The use of the HRS websites and the HRS contents is only permitted in respect of individual requests for hotel room bookings. Automatic requests are not permitted. We would also like to point out that our data is protected by copyright and therefore any copying (in particular via automated reading ("scraping") is prohibited. In particular, the use of our data (especially including query results) for the purposes of referrals is prohibited.

Links to other companies' websites contained in this website are only provided in the user's interest. If you click on such a link you leave the HRS website.

We have no influence on the content of third party websites. Therefore we also cannot take any responsibility for this third party content. Permanent monitoring of the content of linked sites is not reasonable without specific indications of an infringement. If we become aware of infringements, we will immediately remove such links.

Access to a third party's website via a link on this website is the sole responsibility of the user.